My writing has hit a BRICK wall

Have you ever thought you wanted something so bad only to realise you didn’t want to do it anymore? Well, that’s me right now with my book. I have been writing for over a year now and love writing my stories, but when I started […]

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My Car needs a B1?

My car needs a B-1….Bingo! Wait, that’s not it. That’s a bingo call:) What the heck’s a B1? In a previous article, you read that I paid $100 for a pho soup, but it was actually for a parking ticket. Well, the update is I […]

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My $100 pho soup

I bet you’re thinking I’m crazy. Well, I thought so too when I got the bill, but it’s not the bill you think. I was having a rough day last week and was exhausted. So when I feel like crap, I like to eat pho […]

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