50+ Fall or Winter Date Ideas for Under $50

A year ago August, I wrote an article on date ideas that I wanted to do, well, they didn’t happened.  If you want to read the article, it’s called “Dates – I don’t have time for that”. I don’t always have time, or rather I didn’t make the time. And, when I was ready for a date, he has plans. I know we are all busy, but – if you don’t make time for each other, then you might end up arguing because you feel neglected.  What’s stopping you from doing dates? Is it because one of you did more of the planning of the dates? If so, it might be time to participate in them.  I noticed last week, my man came up with a few date ideas and I said no right away. Not even thinking that maybe, he was trying to organize something for us. Nope, I said no because I didn’t want to. Well, guess what happened the week after? Nothing! No date, no suggestion. So, I had to say that I was sorry for shutting down the idea. He explained that he tries to organize dates, but that I don’t like any of them. That’s not true – most of the time, but a lot of them are not what I want to do.

Listen, if you want to spend time with your partner, you’re gonna have to go on dates that may not be what you wanted, but – at least you are spending time together.

I have put together a list of date ideas I have accumulated over the years that I have done or plan to try with him. Take note, some are Rated R, so don’t share with someone under the age of 50.lol

50+ Fall or Winter Date night ideas for under $50

  1. Bringing sex back – check out redbookmag.com for fun games to play in bed (Rated R)
  2. Soak in an outdoor hot tub. Look for a spa. We have one in Chelsea near Ottawa Called Le Nordik.
  3. Watch a professional or college/local sports team like volleyball, basketball, or football
  4. Hike through your local neighborhood, or better yet places like Gatineau park
  5. Go for a walk after work in your neighborhood. You might be surprised by what you see
  6. Plan a 5k or 10k run
  7. Do a facial on each other or go get them done together
  8. Go to a casino – I like pulling the lever on the slot machine
  9. Do a crossword game. There’s also a place in Ottawa that has tons of board games called The Loft Board Game Lounge (https://www.theloftlounge.ca ). There’s also locations to play Trivia (http://www.meetup.com/Ottawa-Trivia-League
  10. Throw a party or attend one
  11. Go Trampolining
  12. Sing together at karaoke. Ya, that might require a few beverages for courage😊
  13. Assemble IKEA furniture – come on…who doesn’t like to assemble furniture
  14. Ride a mechanical bull – now you’re talking. The Casino Lac Lemay has one, and the Cowboy Bar in Kanata does too I believe.
  15. Learn to Curl. The curling rinks usually have lessons a few times throughout the year. I hope you don’t mind being yeld at. You’ll see when you go.
  16. Plan a scavenger hunt for each other
  17. Go GEO Cashing. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a treasure hunt. Do a google search to find places near you.
  18. Make each other love coupons that get you things you want i.e. Massage, kisses, dinner made, do the laundry or dishes – OMG, now you’re talking
  19. Wake up and watch the sunrise together
  20. Light all the candles and listen to music while snuggling
  21. Go check out items for sale in storage places
  22. Check out an auction – even bid on a few items!
  23. Go to a carnival or theme park and go on the rides together
  24. Go to the Horse race track and bid on who’s going to win
  25. Have fun browsing at a book or magazine store
  26. Throw pennies in a fountain and make a wish
  27. Go on a road trip. We are doing one in November to Syracuse for shopping😊
  28. Take an improve class together
  29. Make your own chocolate and strawberries and feed each other
  30. Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride
  31. Go on a haunted walk. This is on my bucket list this year. There’s a place in Ottawa called https://hauntedwalk.com/ottawa-tours
  32. Try a game of darts at restaurant or the Legions
  33. Go horseback riding
  34. Name a star or constellation after your date
  35. Go to a trade show – they have one for every season. We just went to the Fall Home Show
  36. Leave a trail of clues throughout their apartment/house that lead them to you
  37. Go to an adult intimate store – Adult Fun Superstore (Rated R)
  38. Learn to play an instrument together
  39. Try ‘Open Mike’ night (absolute comedy)
  40. Take a winery or beer tour
  41. Play Frisbee in the park
  42. Check out local art or museum
  43. Plan a special theme night & menu where you make the food and watch a movie in that theme
  44. Try target gun shooting. The RA Centre in Ottawa offers this I believe
  45. Get a massage from students at college or private school for under $30!
  46. Go to a farmer’s market – Look at landsdown or parkdale market
  47. Go bowling! Be careful you don’t get your finger stuck in the ball like I did
  48. Volunteer at a local charity event
  49. Take a painting/drawing class or wood working.
  50. Go go-karting. OMG, Kingston has a great place that is super cheap $16 for 10 rounds. I stopped at 9 because I was getting sore
  51. Try Indoor golf simulator
  52. Try archery – RA Centre or Bank street has a new place
  53. Try a new international restaurant – Japanese is fun, Egyptian you eat with your hands, Caribbean has great music
  54. Take a ride on the O-Train from one end of the city to the other
  55. Go to the zoo
  56. Try yoga or stretching or the new one called laughing yoga!
  57. Go and People-watch at the mall, or a party
  58. Go to the Kids amusement park at St-laurent/Russel road
  59. Play paint ball – This doesn’t interest me. It hurts!
  60. Check out a cultural event – like Greek festival (I love their lamb)
  61. Feed the ducks on the canal…not the geese – they poop everywhere
  62. Do a puzzle to stimulate the brain
  63. Play pool or billiards, air hockey at local pubs. I know of http://tailgators.ca/
  64. Try Pickle ball. OMG, you have to try this. I am so into this sport now. It’s a combination of badminton, ping pong and tennis all in one.
  65. Table-tennis – lets hope your partner is not as competitive as mine and likes to hit you with the ball and leave marks…it’s all good. I give as good as I get.lol. There’s a place in Ottawa on the market that has it in the basement, but there’s also a club https://www.ottawatabletennisclub.com
  66. Dinner and a movie (home or out)
  67. Try Kamasutra (RATED PG). This I think you know what it is.

I hope these give you some ideas for dates during the fall and winter months. I know for me, winter is long and I need to do something active, which is why I came up with this list of date ideas. I do have more and will be posting them for each season.

Have a wonderful date night every week and if you have other dates ideas please share them as I would love to try different things.

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