7 Day Meal Plan for Vegetarian and Pescatarian meal ideas

Have you thought about trying different foods but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re like me and sick of food and you don’t know what to make!

I have been trying to change things up by trying not to eat carbs like pasta, rice or bread, but common! I’m human. However, my man asked the we try no meat for a week. A week!!! Are you serious, was my reaction. I can’t do vegetarian! I like meat…meat…meat. I love veggies to, but I like meat.

Well, I thought OK I’ll try it, but I am not interested in only veggies and beans. So, instead we decided to do pescatarian.  This allows us to eat eggs, fish (which I hate), and shellfish.

Here’s our menu for the week.

Day 1
Breakfast: Yogurt, Apple, almond nuts
Lunch: Meatless Meatloaf (taste like paper). So, I ate backup ramen soup package.
Snack: Chocolate covered raisins. Ah, now I see why I had to go to the bathroom today.lol
Dinner: Thai Curry Chickpeas with Rice. Another one I didn’t really like. I think if I didn’t add so many tomatoes, it may have tasted better. I also changed my meatless meatloaf and mushed it in there to create.

Day 2
Breakfast: fried egg/English muffin with cheese
Lunch: Vegetable soup & crackers and cheese
Dinner: Ground Mexican Tofu tacos (lettuce/ tomatoes/veggie/cheese) and glass of red wine

Day 3
Breakfast: Omlette with cheese, mushrooms
Lunch: Falafel salad
Dinner: blackened fish on the bbq with rice. (Lesson learned. Do the fish in a pan, especially if you hate fish. The seasonings didn’t go through at all and I could taste the fish and the texture. )

Day 4
Breakfast: Chickpea muffins – http://atastylovestory.com/strawberry-muffins-with-white-chocolate-and-chickpeas/
Lunch: Hummus, pepperettes, cucumber slices
Dinner:  fried egg and cheese sandwich

Day 5
Breakfast: Toast peanut butter/Jam, yogurt, banana
Lunch: vegetarian pizza
Dinner: Tom Yum soup with shrimp and mushrooms, and salad rolls with shrimp

Day 6
Breakfast: Pancakes made with cottage cheese and oatmeal
Lunch: pho soup with fish…Special K at Pho Bac is my favorite
Dinner: Poutine and Greek salad

Day 7
Breakfast: Eggs with tofu bacon and toast…I like the tofu bacon
Lunch: pho soup again😊
Dinner: veggie fried Rice

Oh did I forget to mention that I made good treats too? Well, I am an adult and still get to eat treats and drink wine, which is what I did.

There you have it. I did 7 days of veggie, shellfish and fish. And….I survived!

What meal ideas have you created that are either pescatarian or vegetarian?

Please share so we can have a variety of meals to add to our recipe books.

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