About Me

Everything you wanted to know, or didn’t want to know about me.

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my website. I’m Tina,a frugal, fun loving, full-time government worker by day and Lifestyle blogger by night and weekends too.

I live with an amazing man who will be known as “The Man” on my site. He’s a private person whereas me, not so much. I love to share everything about me and what I learned. Don’t tell him, but when I come up with date ideas, I share them here and he thinks it’s just for us:)

I have run a few businesses, but nothing excites me more than finding ways to save money, which is how this blog came about.

One of my hobbies when I am not writing blogs is cooking. However, I use to HATE it! In fact, I told every person I ever dated that I don’t cook or clean and Ma Man one day with his sarcasm said “what are you good for” and well, use your imagination for what I said or did to him.  I eventually had to cook because it was getting expensive to eat out and…I have IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome). It’s a food intolerance issue and mine are bell peppers, shellfish and pork (not bacon! I can eat baaaaaacon!).  If you ever invite me over for dinner, which I would gladly accept, DO NOT add bell peppers or you will be sorry when I have to pfffffft (that’s a fart..he he)  Hey, I’m just warning you now.

I like to take pictures of what I make. Now, if only I could make the right amount of food and still have left overs. Ma Man loves my food so much that he doesn’t leave any for the next day. So, I end up having to make another meal for lunches. Grrrrr…that would be why I don’t always like cooking.

I play women’s competitive volleyball and loooove it. However, after 40ish, I really need to hustle for that ball and the next day…well…lets just say that I walk funny.

I love fun goofy games, especially with my girlfriends. I have a short video of the game called Junk in the trunk. I played against my friend Nathalie (I’m the one on the right). OMG, I laughed sooo hard. It’s a ping pong game where you have to get all the balls that are tied to your waste in a tissue box out in 1 minute. I still laugh every time I see this.

I love to travel south for a week or two in the winter. I know there are some of you that love winter, and even though I was born in January, I don’t like it. So, instead, I find deals to travel south to all inclusives. Oh and the best part of that is…someone takes care of me for the whole week. No laundry, no cooking, no driving to work. It’s great!

So, there you have it. Me in a nut shell. I hope you get some value from my blog and if you have any comments all I ask is that you please write them in a positive and supportive manner. If you do not, then I would recommend you leave my blog quickly before you get infected with positivity vibes.

My blog is for women who are struggling to budget, but don’t want to feel angry because they have to give up so much. No! I show you how to find the best deals with the money you have and possibly help you put some of that money aside for emergencies or your retirement?!

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I look forward to getting to know you.