About Me

Everything you wanted to know, or didn’t want to know about me.

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my website. I’m Tina,a frugal, fun loving, full-time government worker by day and Lifestyle blogger by night and weekends too.

I live with an amazing man who will be known as “The Man” on my site. He’s a private person whereas me, not so much. I love to share everything about me and what I learned. Don’t tell him, but when I come up with date ideas, I share them here and he thinks it’s just for us:)

I have run a few businesses, but nothing excites me more than finding ways to save money, which is how this blog came about.

One of my hobbies when I am not writing blogs is cooking. However, I use to HATE it! In fact, I told every person I ever dated that I don’t cook or clean and Ma Man one day with his sarcarsm said “what are you good for” and well, use your imagination for what I said or did to him.  I eventually had to cook because it was getting expensive to eat out and…I have IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome). It’s a food intolerance issue and mine are bell peppers, shellfish and pork (not bacon! I can eat baaaaaacon!).  If you ever invite me over for dinner, which I would gladly accept, DO NOT add bell peppers or you will be sorry when I have to pfffffft (that’s a fart..he he)  Hey, I’m just warning you now.

I like to take pictures of what I make. Now, if only I could make the right amount of food and still have left overs. Ma Man loves my food so much that he doesn’t leave any for the next day. So, I end up having to make another meal for lunches. Grrrrr…that would be why I don’t always like cooking.

I play women’s competitive volleyball and loooove it. However, after 40ish, I really need to hustle for that ball and the next day…well…lets just say that I walk funny. I love fun goofy games, especially with my girlfriends. I love those minute to win it games. I have a short video of the game calledJunk in the trunk. I played against my friend Nathalie (I’m the one on the right). OMG, I laughed sooo hard. It’s a ping pong game where you have to get all the balls that are tired to your waste in a tissue box out in 1 minute. I still laugh every time I see this.

I love to travel south in the winter. I know there are some of you that love winter, and even though I was born in January, I don’t like it. So, instead, I find deals to travel south, not all winter…yet. Rather 1 week holidays to all inclusive, oh and the best part of that is…someone takes care of me for the whole week.

So, there you have it. Me in a nut shell. I also started this blog with the intention of quitting my government job so that I could do what I love which is teaching, creating, writing about things that interest me and hopefully my readers like it too.

I hope you get some value from my blog and if you have any comments all I ask is that you please write them in a positive and supportive manner. If you do not, then I would recommend you leave my blog quickly before you get infected with positivity vibes.

I look forward to getting to know you.