Amazing Products That Will Save You A Lot of Canadian Money Eh!

What is going on with the price of food?

OMG, I went to the grocery store today and what I saw nearly made me scream. $6 bucks for celery!!! Seriously?! You have to be a huge fan of it for that price. It doesn’t have that much nutrients. I use to buy it because it was cheap and tasted good in tuna or chicken salad sandwiches or chicken fried rice, but now…forget that! I can live without celery. Bring on the lettuce!

I heard on the news that the price of groceries were going to be going up. This is getting crazy! Why it’s so expensive? Maybe the price to ship things here.  I know gas price is going up too. I am honestly not sure and truthfully, we can’t control the cost, but we can control what we spend our money on and where.

Listed below are the things that I do and items I use that help me save at least $100 dollars. It may cost you a little bit upfront, but – they will save you a TON in the long run. You can buy them directly from the links button, or go to your local store. I just wanted to make it quick and easy for you.

Check out the reduced items

The first thing I do when I get to the grocery store is check out reduced items. It might sound gross, but I need overripe banana’s for breakfast muffins or smoothies. If you’re going to make something that night like soup or stir fry, check the reduced area first see if they have peppers, zucchini’s. You can also freeze them for later. Most of the time, the items might just have a bit of bruising on them and people don’t want to buy them, so they are reduced by at least 50%.


Food storage bins that keep your food fresh for a long time

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Have you seen what happens to berries after 3 days in the fridge?
Check out this video on strawberries life.


I get upset because berries are so expensive, but after 3 days in my fridge they turn nasty. I tried these produce saver containers and really like them. It claims to make produce stay fresh 80% longer than any other product on the market. I have tried the bags and they didn’t work for me.  I would show you a picture, but I don’t want to make you sick.  You can put salad or berries in these containers and put them in the fridge for days without the fear of everything going rotten.

Coffee maker that makes your favorite coffee for less than 50¢

I’m sorry but I cannot function without coffee and cream. I can’t drink it with milk. Yaaaack! I need my cream, but I have a backup plan if I don’t have real cream. I’ll use that whitener stuff, but – only if I’m desperate. However, I need coffee. I have found a great coffee maker that’s so easy to make coffee and program. All I do is poor in the water, click my program button and done! No need to get up in the morning and try not hitting the wall while walking to the kitchen to turn on the coffee. Arrrg, yes, this happens to me almost every day, which is why I need coffee before I drive to work.  Also, this one allows for 12 cups! That’s like 3 thermos to go mugs. I just bought it for 30% off!


Also, if you’re looking for a sturdy coffee mug or one that will keep your coffee hot for at least 4 hours, you want to buy the Contego’s Travel Thermos. My man got us each one, but he’s them because I like my mug below.


“How Do I like my coffee? Handed to Me.  Ha Ha…I just like the saying. I bought this at Chapters.





FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer That helps keep food for months


If you’ve ever wanted to buy food in bulk at Costco to save money, but know you’ll never get to eat it all before it spoils, you need to buy a vacuum food sealer. I use baggies and they get freezer burn, but not anymore. I now have meat in the freezer that is still fresh for 3 months. I buy so much chicken and saved at least $30 bucks because of these bags.

What can this thing do?

  • It promises to preserve meat or vegetables in the freezer for up to three years, cheese in the fridge for up to eight months, and flour in the pantry for two years. You can vacuum seal it in seconds and it won’t freezer burn. Plus, the instant seal technology keeps delicate foods from being crushed and the whole machine is dishwasher safe, making cleaning easy.


Does your water taste metallic?

You hear it all the time, you need to stay hydrated but buying water bottles cost a lot of money, and they are not environmentally friendly.  If you have a situation like I do, the water fountain at my work has a metallic taste that I jut can’t drink the water. I was buying bottled water and feeling guilty because I am wasting all this plastic. I decided to buy a water pitcher with filter and what a difference! It tastes fresh and no more metal taste.

This filtered water pitcher holds 6 cups and it doesn’t take up too much space. Reduces chlorine taste and odour, copper, mercury and cadmium. BPA free pitcher with easy fill lid and comfort grip handle. You’re not only helping your health, you’re reducing your carbon footprint by not buying bottled water. Did you know that 1 Brita water filter can replace 300 standard 500 millilitre water bottles!



Do you like your Swiffer but not the price to replace the pads?

These Reusable Pads Can Withstand Hundreds Of Washes and save you a ton of money.


A wet mop might not be the most practical purchase for you at the moment, but you can still reduce your spending on pads you have to keep replacing after purchase. These reusable sweeper pads work either wet or dry (for sweeping and mopping), and then you can just throw it in the wash when you’re done. It’s good for hundreds of wash cycles, and you never run out of new pads or resort to cleaning your floors with a paper towel attached to your Swiffer (I have done this, and no, it doesn’t work). You’ll have less garbage and more money — that’s a pretty good deal.


The Phone Case that Will Save You hundreds of Dollar$


I know this is not food, but it is an important one. Everyone should have a cellphone cover! Accidents happen all the time, I know because it happened to me. I broke my cellphone while trying to pull it out of my pocket. It slipped and the front glass shattered. I wasn’t willing to pay out the plan of $400! So, I tried to tape up the phone, not fun. I ended up with tiny glass pieces in my fingers. I tried getting it repared but that cost $150. So, then I checked on Amazon and the replacement parts didn’t work so well. I couldn’t take it anymore and found a deal with Fido and got another phone.  The first thing I did with that money was buy a phone case right away.


Do you hate the time it takes to chop things?

If you like smoothies, or my new favorite on the weekends at the camp ground…TGI Friday Orange Drink, you’ll like the Magic Bullet. I have had one of these for years. We have one at the camper. I also make chicken salad, egg salad, salsa and of course smoothies.What I love about it is its easy to clean. When I’m done, I put a little soap in the bottom of the jar, add some water, turn the lid and 5 seconds…clean


Now, if you’re looking for something with a bit more power and option for things like making bread and also bigger portions, the Ninja BL780C Supra Kitchen System is what you need. 

I have made chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas, and squash muffins in this sucker and they taste amazing! I even made my own Almond butter with this blender, but…you have to be patient because it does take a while to make almond butter.

This blender replaces the magic bullet, the hand held and, food processor, chopper. It’s an all in one. So, now I have the Ninja at home and I brought the Magic Bullet and the mixer to the camp ground to be able to still eat healthy.

You can also make Ice Cream with the Ninja. I haven’t done it because I know I will eat it everyday, but here’s an easy video to show you how to make it in less than 30 seconds!


Use Coupons

Do not be afraid to use coupons! They will save you a ton of money. I bought a box of tampons using a coupon for $1.00! I couldn’t believe it. I normally pay $4.00 for a box of 18.

Before I went to the grocery store, I check for coupons on and look what I found:


Remember what I said not to buy in bulk if it’s on sale. Well, this is the except. When you know you’re going to pay full price for something and you budgeted for it, now would be the time you would buy extra because you already had that money put aside.

and lastly,

Use this app before you go to the grocery store

I don’t know if you’re old school like me, but I like getting flyers to see what’s on sale and what I can make for meals. Flipp has every grocery and other stores you shop at all in one convenient place. Places like WalMart, Food Basics, Leon’s are listed here.


The Last Thing You Need to Know about these money saving products.


I have used all these products and swear by them, but why don’t you be the judge for yourself. If you buy any of these products, and you are not satisfied, Amazon gives you a certain amount of time for you to return it, if it didnt meet your expectation.

Some of the products may cost a bit, but most of these products aren’t huge investments, but they will save your money because you are no longer throwing food away, or buying a smaller coffee because the grande is too costly. Now, you can make your own ice cream too.

Do you have a product or service you use to help you save money? Please share in the comments below.

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