Can you remove an old oil stain from clothing?

Has this happened to you? You go to take your clothes out of the dryer and notice an oil spot, or rather streaks?

I don’t’ know what happened, but when I put my clothes in the dryer, they sometimes come out with stains. Now, I KNOW they are not salad dressing stains because one of the tops was brand new! I just wanted to get rid of the wrinkles. So, I put it in the dryer ALONE, but when the top came back out, it had the steaks of oil all over it. I was upset because I just bought it and I couldn’t understand how this happened.

I know it’s not right, but I blamed my man. I’m sorry, but he is usually messy when he eats and thought maybe it was on his shirt and got into the dryer, but the way the stain was laid out, that made no sense. So, I said sorry and felt bad, but…i was still trying to figure out what to do about the oil issue.

I searched google and there are articles that talked about the dryer leaving oil. WHAT!!! So, my man checked and he couldn’t see anything. Maybe we thought it might be washer. So, we washed the inside with dish soap and the lip area as we have a front load washer.

I found a few links to women who showed how to get the stains out, but…they were right there on the day of the spot. Unfortunately, mine were already in there and…I didn’t do it!

Here’s a pic of my beautiful NEW salmon top after I took it out of the dryer☹

  • I have tried to do what people have said online and nothing has worked so far.
  • I tried stain remover and it didn’t work.
  • I tried dawn dish washing liquid alone. Then I put it in the wash, worrying it would stain other tops. Thank god, but NOPE. Didn’t work.
  • I tried vinegar and baking soda. NADA!

I am now trying peroxide, baking soda and Dawn again. Let’s hope it works this time.  The reason I am trying this version is because…well, I am stubborn and don’t believe that there isn’t something I could make at home that would take out the stain.


  1. Peroxide (I used Dollarama brand)
  2. Dawn dish soap (bought at Walmart for $4 bucks Canadian)
  3. Baking soda (I took the one from the fridge, so my food might stink, but hey, my tops cost


  • 2 part peroxide – which to me meant 2 table spoons
  • 1 part Dawn dish soap – I squeezed what I thought was a tablespoon?
  • ½ a box of baking soda – I tried 2 tablespoons but it wasn’t enough, so by the time I stopped poring, it felt about ½ box and…looked like a past.

If this doesn’t work, I am going to cave and bring it to the dry cleaners. I am giving up after 5 tries with different things. It’s not worth all this time. I wanted to save money, but not overspend so much time. The main reason I didn’t want to bring to the dry cleaners was because the tops are around $15 each, and to dry clean them its $7 PLUS tax. So, I am not getting my money’s work, but…I love my tops, so I might be?

OK, I have waited 24 hours. I thought to be safe I would leave it all night. Actually, I forgot about the tops and left them an extra daw soaking in the Dawn soap.

I proceeded to wash them and…

Nothing changed. In fact, I seem to notice MORE streaks on my tops.

Well, I tried, but now it’s time to bring it to the processionals i.e. The dry cleaners and have them use their “secret sauce”.

If you have a method that really does work on old oil stains, pleeeeeeeease write in the comments below.

The next time, I am going to try Chalk BEFORE I let the stain sit. I found this video that shows a girl rubbing chalk all on the stain, but…I will also do it right away and not wait a few days or in my case a few or 5 washes later☹

If you want to see the videos I saw, here they are, but..they are NOT for old stains. (she shows different ways, but doesn’t show if it’s an old stain)

Thanks and hope it works for you.


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