Which Tax Return System Should I use?

Hey people, not sure if you remember. It’s tax season again. The deadline is April 30th, which is less than 3 weeks away. I don’t know about you, but I feel that tax time comes so fast! I usually am good at getting it done early, but sometimes, not so much. This year, not too bad. So much so that I decided to do my own taxes.

This is me. I know, scary face, but…I was scared. Scared to do my own taxes. There are so many terms and words I have no idea what they mean, but I needed to stop spending and start saving. So, I decided to try SimpleTax and?

I have used a professional in the past and didn’t really save anything. I paid them $120 and I thought that was pretty high, just for breaking even. Sometimes I owed the government! I was getting sick of this. I thought the point was for them to save me money, not spend more of it. So I decided to try it myself…that is do my own taxes.

If you’re considering doing your own taxes, click here to take a look and compare SimpleTax with the others, including using a professional service.

Here’s another link to help you with deductions.

Let me know in the comments below what you have used to do your own taxes, especially if you’re a small business, and still working a full-time job.

Fingers crossed we get a refund. I’ll tell you in May June what the end result was. June because they will do a reassessment and that will be the real results.

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